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Deep Muscle Massage Blog.

Read what is on Judy mind.  Good hints to get the max out of your massage and body.  Click here for the Deep Muscle Massage Blog

Fitness Finder 

Local Yoga Teachers- Great for stretching out those muscles in a gentle and calming manner. 

             U3A- Shirley Antrobus-  41516992 (Bundaberg)
             Tammy Krautner-  41559780 (Moore Park and Bundaberg)
             Sheralee O'Brien-  0434557714 (Bundaberg)
             June Robertson-  41533262 (Bundaberg)
             Leanne Toy-  41593660/0434619872 (Bargara and Bundaberg)
             Karen Whyte-  0430174700 (Bargara).
             Also Improvements Fitness Centre- 41536450 
             Y Fitness (YMCA)-  41328222

Fitness Trainers- A list of local personal trainers
              Linda Allen Fitness- 0435977173
             Right Action Health and Fitness Solutions- 0414723614
             Murrell Fitness- 0404420453
             Pete's Personal Training- 0427575195
             Tracy Jackson- 0449250275 
              Lyn Corrigan- 0414680573

Health Focus
Learn the benefits of, and how to optimise Magnesium supplementation to assist relieve tight adhered muscles and  muscle cramps.  This links to Dr Carolyn Dean's Blog who has researched this area extensively.  
Dr Mercola challenges our ideas of what food, products, exercises and medicines support good health.  Read him and you will not see health in the same manner ever again. Check out Dr Mercola's Newsletter