Deep Muscle Massage Specialists
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Will Deep Muscle Massage hurt?
  • Whether you want deep work or something more relaxing, we will work to what you are comfortable with.  
  • Will I feel sore after a Massage?
  • This depends on the condition of your muscles prior to the massage.  If you have a deep massage you may feel some soreness (like after you have had a workout at the gym) AND you will feel much looser.
  • Can I claim on my Private Health Insurance?
    We don't have a Health Provider number so you may not be able to claim on your Health Fund.  However we do offer affordable, practical and successful massage that provides the relief that you are looking for.
  • When do I need to come back?
    The easy answer is when you begin to start to feel your muscles tightening up. 
  • Don't leave it too long. 
  • Some people like to have regular massage appointments to keep on top of their muscle tightness while others do well from just occasional visits.  Usually leave your second visit at least 7 days after your very first massage with us.  
  • How long will the massage last?
    Good question?  The answer depends on many factors. 
  • These include the type of work you do, stress in your life, what medical conditions you have, how tight your muscles are overall. If you would like some further follow-up work come back within a few weeks so we don't lose too much ground.
  • I see a Chiropractor too, when should I get a massage?
    A massage before a Chiropractic adjustment will loosen your muscles and assist the adjustment process.  A Chiropractor may suggest massage when he or she identifies your muscles are very tight.  
  • Got a Question!!!
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