Deep Muscle Massage Specialists
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Get effective relief from:
Frozen shoulders,
Tight Shoulders,
Back Pain,
Sciatic Pain,
Migraine/Tension Headaches,
Tight Muscles from Head to Toe.

Deep Muscle Massage is ideal for:
Preparation/recovery for sports people.
Trades people with muscle soreness/tightness.
Hospitality/Service Workers.
Farm Workers.
Any person any age who feels tightness and muscle pain.

Benefits of Deep Massage.
Assists repair damaged muscle.
Softens knotted muscles relieving pain.
Aids healing of damaged ligaments and tendons.
Releases entrapment of nerves in soft tissue.
"Drains" sluggish lympathic nodes.
Releases restriction in the muscles that aid in breathing.
Allows for improved posture.






Jenny says: "I appreciate having my regular massages with Judy as I have very tight muscles and the massages help to keep me relatively pain free.  Any soreness or tightness is soon relieved at the hands of this maestro!  I know this Nana wouldn't be climbing, swinging and sliding if I wasn't kept limber by regular massages."
Jan says:  "I moved from up from Brisbane..., reluctantly leaving my wonderful massage therapist behind, and thinking I would not be fortunate enough to find another professional skilled enough to take over my challenging shoulder/neck issues.  Thankfully, I have been proved very wrong.  My work involves long hours sitting at a desk which often results in poor posture, and tight muscles, which further exacerbates an old shoulder injury.  Judy is amazing, being able to pinpoint what areas need to be worked on, providing significant relief to the pain in my back and shoulders.  With Judy's commitment to "straightening me out", I enjoy a pain free life without medication.  Thanks Judy.